The author of this WordPress Blog, also, runs other websites.

John Gohde has written extensively on many other websites; such as on Wikipedia, Google groups, and Usenet newsgroups. So, it is a natural for a gifted writer to be an operator of his own websites.

John Gohde as a Webmaster

  1. Wikipedian Trolls РAn expos̩ on what John H. Gohde knows about the Trolls of Wikipeida.
  2. Natural Web Design – Revealing to the world for FREE the secrets of engine optimization (SEO) that Google does not want you to know about.
  3. John H Gohde Commentator – Discussions on tabloid crime stories
  4. The Natural Health Perspective – A Health accredited website run by John H. Gohde.
  5. John H Gohde scribbling & bibbling – Great tips getting on Free stuff off the Web
  6. The personal website of John Gohde that implements a cool modern design.

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