Natural Cures

Natural Cures: “They Don’t Want You to Know About”
By Kevin Trudeau

Natural Cures by Kevin Trudeau

Kevin Trudeau is a notorious Quack or a Health Fraud. Having being prosecuted by the FDA and convicted for scamming people out of their money by selling diet and so-called health supplements; the only thing that he can now legally do is write books. And, so Kevin is now hawking books written by him.

A whole lot of people are complaining about his Natural Cures book.

John recently bought a hardback copy of his book because it was greatly discounted. Having skimmed through it, he found it to be a very good book on natural health.

Apparently, the only problem with this book is that:

  1. People are expecting to find a quick fix to their health problems.
  2. Impatience: People want to overcome a lifetime of abusive living, in only 15 minutes. Natural health works, but works very slowly.
  3. People expect to cure serious diseases, like cancer, overnight.
  4. The book often costs too much money.
  5. A large part of the book is a resource, where it merely refers you to other health resources.

On the plus side:

  1. It is 500+ pages long.
  2. What he wrote about the concept of natural health is actually very good information.

John cannot be seen promoting what is generally being considered to be a Quack book, on his main health web site. And, if he were to post a recommendation to buy this book on newsgroups; John would be attacked by many angry posters. One always has to pick their fights, well.

Truth be known, for $3.00 it is a very good read on natural health. At one time, it was being offered on the Web for free in e-book format. Just don’t expect to get any quick fixes for a lifetime of abuse to your body. Nor, expect that everything in it is correct information.

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