The mission of our main Web site on natural health has been a great success.


We have received many favorable remarks about our parent site, such as the following comments.

“Thank you for a great web site! It inspires without making any false claims. You tell the truth about health and fitness.”
— M., Dec 2004

“Your overview of the history of healing practices is amazing! Thanks for providing such a great read!”
— Jonathan, May 2005

“Hello, I just wanted to say thank you for putting this information on the web…My wife and I are very much involved in natural health and this is the best site I’ve come across yet…It has everything I need to be better informed…”
— Brad & Anita, Nov 2005

www. Natural Health Perspective .com

Revealing a great
natural health web site,
and offering commentary
from the
SEO Perspective.
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Health Blog for the Natural Health Perspective – A health blog that offers timely commentary on the latest health news from the natural health perspective.

Most of the references to our natural health web site comes from grass roots sites. We are also in a large number of directories, free Internet encyclopedias, and in an even larger number of Usenet forums.

The most prestigious links to our site come from the education domain.

THE RECENT STAGES OF THE EPIDEMIOLOGIC TRANSITION IN CANADA: WHICH HYPOTHESES ARE ACCURATE AND WHICH ARE NOT? International Union for the Scientific Study of Population, Office of Population Research,Princeton University. [pdf] References our Lifestyle Diseases article.

Richard D. Young, Aging in America: with Some Review of the Status of Older South Carolinians. Public Policy & Practice, VOL.2, NO.4 – NOVEMBER 2003 ISSN: 1540 – 1499. [online] [pdf] Reference #28. Public Policy & Practice is an electronic periodical published by the Institute for Public Service and Policy Research of the University of South Carolina.

[DOC Microsoft Word 2000] Introduction: In this laboratory, the effect of ascorbic acid acid (vitamin C), maltose and galactose will be evaluated upon the performance of a Therasense Freestyle Glucose Meter. Lisa Brannon-Peppas, Glucose Sensor Technical Memo, September 22, 2004, College of Engineering, The University of Texas at Austin. References our Vitamin C Story.

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