Yvette Wilson Dies From Cancer

10 01 2013

An American comedian and actress, Yvette Wilson, is reported to have died from cervical cancer, as well as kidney disease. Yvette was 48-years-old.

Just how might one avoid the same fate of Ms. Wilson?

The Natural Health Perspective recommends approximately 5,000 IU of Vitamin D and 100 mcg of selenium a day, as well as regular physical exercise which suppresses cancer development.

In addition, Gerson Therapy which consists largely of drinking vasts amounts of freshly juiced vegetables all day long is a often recommended natural treatment for both kidney disease and cancer.



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11 01 2013
the Gunslinger Poet

so sad. cervical cancer took my mother at age 50. thank you for the post.

17 06 2013

Which brings me to my First Tip when it comes to Teaching An Older Child the
Alphabet and English Words: Do not assume that an
older adopted child is the same as an ESL (English as
a Second Language) Child. The well illustrated presentation brings to the fore the popularity and acceptance of
English as the working language in India. It appears, at least for now,
that that language is English.

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