Mike Scaccia Dies at Age 47

24 12 2012

Mike Scaccia Dies at Age 47Heart attacks happen for a reason.

Quoting Wikipedia on the death of Mike Scaccia:

“Although initial reports suggested a seizure possibly caused by the strobe lighting at the venue, the coroner indicated the cause of death to be ‘sudden heart attack brought on by heart disease’.”

Scaccia sudden death can mean only thing: Lifestyle.  Which of course  primarily translates to Diet, Diet, Diet.  Looking at his pictures, the dude was also obviously overweight.

Scaccia’s Rigor Mortis bandmate Bruce Corbitt confirmed the cause of death on one of his posts on Facebook:

“Please everyone… I know there has been so many rumors and reasons that Mike passed away. This stuff about strobe lights is totally false. I wanted to wait for the official cause of death to be released. But I already knew when it happened. Here is the official word… RIP Mike Scaccia. sudden cardiac death due to: atherosclerotic and hypertensive heart disease

What a S.A.D. commentary on our times, when people actually believe that heart attacks are random events.

Contrary to all the naysayers out on Facebook with a rather arrogant death wish, knowing exactly what had happen to Mike does NOT take rocket science, nor do you have to personally have known the dude before any remotely rational person can pass judgment on somebodies public death, with a reasonably degree of certainty.

No matter how talented a person maybe  the laws of nature still applies to them. Laugh it off as long as you want to, but sooner or later, everyone has to pay the piper for their lifestyle. Want to live to see another day, then I can whole heartily recommend the health program being offered at the Natural Health Perspective Web site.



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