The Public Does Not Like Physicians

16 03 2008

John H. Gohde asks: Why is complementary and alternative medicine medicine so popular?

Could it be that physicians are rarely empathic with the emotional concerns of their patients? John H. Gohde reports that allopathic physicians prefer dealing with the technological and scientific aspects of patient care rather than with focusing on the social and emotional side of treatment. Why? Probably because that is how they rack up big bucks. Physicians do not receive reimbursement from insurance companies for being nice to patients. Further, the emotional side of treatment is not the focused of medical schools where students are taught how to make the correct diagnosis.

Do not expect cancer allopaths to be concerned about quality of life issues and concerns.

While cancer doctors were confident in their ability to deal with patient concerns, a recent study reported otherwise.

Pollak KI, Arnold RM, Jeffreys AS
Oncologist communication about emotion during visits with patients with advanced cancer.
J Clin Oncol. 2007 Dec 20;25(36):5748-52.
PMID: 18089870 [Abstract]

John H. Gohde advises that cancer patients should seek out complementary and alternative medicine for their palliative care needs. Empathy is not usually a part of conventional treatment.

Try to express your concerns to to your allopathic doctor, and they are likely to cut off your conversation abruptly. But, patients are more likely to receive a sympathic ear to their concerns from younger and/ or female physicians.



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