Google Custom Natural Health Search Engine

25 02 2008

John H. Gohde wrote a Google custom search engine a while back in only a few hours. It offers the best alternative health information on the Web, bar none. 🙂

John H. Gohde had it previously located just on his search page. But, it just dawn on John that if he repeated it again on the contact page of his main Health website then perhaps, a few visitors looking for help might actually be able to put it to good use.

In addition, John H. Gohde has added an interface to his natural health search engine on another one of his websites.

The Best Natural Health Search Engine on the Web

Now, the public can get good information on any health problem, no matter how embarrassing, in the privacy of their own computer cubical. Use what ever language that you prefer to use. Use street slang or scientific terminology. Either way, you will get great results.

John H. Gohde knows how to search for info

John H. Gohde knows how to define natural health and the alternative terms that people use to search for this type of information. The basic search algorithm of his custom search engine has taken his knowledge of what constitutes both natural health and wellness into consideration. All, that the public has to do is provide a topic to search on, such as sore throat.

Get Even Better Health Information

Further, everyone can refine their results with the following options.

  1. Tutorials,
  2. Information,
  3. Research,
  4. Treatments,or
  5. Purchases.

John H. Gohde says having thought long and hard about the topic of natural health that any alternative health information request can be categorized in just one of these five topic areas.




One response

13 03 2008
John H. Gohde

I use this natural health search engine all the time.

The refinement options is what makes this search engine very health to the casual web researcher.

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